In-Depth Home Sewing Machine Maintenance and Repair

In-Depth Home Sewing Machine Maintenance and Repair


Have a sewing machine you found at a yard sale? Someone in your family or circle of friends give you an old sewing machine? Or do you just have a sewing machine that's not working quite as well as it should be? We can fix it!

Sometimes there's a little more needed in a machine than just a little TLC. Our in-depth maintenance and repair would include, but not be limited to, a deeper clean and any repairs that are needed. This usually includes the disassembly of some part of the machine to have a deeper clean or a part repaired. This service is generally for machines that have been unused for over 20 years, or have been very well-used, but never maintained.


Any replacement parts will be charged separately. 

Contact Nash Page at if you need more details!

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